Saturday, June 4, 2011

Epic Weekend!

Before I start with my update I wanted to let you know that Wally Boag, who played Pecos Bill in nearly 40,000 live performances on the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Disneyland, passed away yesterday (Friday). He was 90 years old.  Wally also voice Jose in the Enchanted Tiki Room, helped write a lot of the show, and helped in the production of The Haunted Mansion. To read more visit or Wally Boag.

Wally and Betty Together
Betty Taylor, the longtime female star of Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue has passed away, one day following the passing of her beloved co-star, Wally Boag. (Saturday, June 4th, 2011).  The spunky leader of a troupe of western dance hall girls, in Disneyland's popular Golden Horseshoe Revue, Betty Taylor passed away this morning at her home in Washington State. Betty was 91.  To learn more about the Disney Legend visit Betty Taylor or Betty Taylor: Disney Legend.

Betty Taylor "Slue Foot Sue"

School fountain with the sun pouring over it
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning I had class!! I'm doing pretty well in everything which is good, I wish I had more class time.  I really like being at school - it just doesn't seem like there is enough of it!

Never thought I'd be saying that ;) It's just so nice to learn!
On Thursday after class I went to Universal for the day!! Here it is in photographic form:

So fitting...
Such a fun land!

The Lorax!  Truffala Trees are important!
The Lost Continent...He'll never get dry mouth ;) yuc yuc yuc. hilarious!
'Input Harry Potter Music here'
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic V. Durmstrang Institute 
HOGWARTS!!!! The ride is so amazing...except for the huge scary spiders!!
You can't do Harry Potter World without a Butter Beer when it's over 90 degrees!

The pic is fro my phone so kind of blurry, but this is the dog from Marley and Me!

Such a clever orangutan!

I want her in MY arms!

hahaha. this made me laugh. a LOT! I may have ran to take a photo of it!

I will get Clodagh this shirt as soon as she's WAY bigger!

I won this Minion playing Whack-a-Mole! I loveeeee him!

He wouldn't stop sniffing me!


Woody the Wookpecker!

I was excited it was Nick Cannon because we ran into him at Yachtman's Steakhouse during my first CRP!


Such a Curious little George!

On Friday I was just having a quiet morning when this conversation with my friend Kristin occured:
Kristin "Good Afternoon!"
Kate "Hey! How are your errands going?" (I knew they were going to do errands)
Kristin "Great! Have you been a good girl lately?"
Kate "Of course! I'm always good!"
Kristin "How would you like to go to Disney World today?"
Kate "Are you kidding? :O"
Kristin "Well we thought you've been working so hard at school you deserved a fun day at Disney"
Kate "I'm the happiest kid in the world!!!"

I was SOOOOO EXCITED!! You may have noticed that I LOVE DISNEY! And living so close but not being able to go has been insanely a little bit hard, to say the least.  I couldn't believe that I was getting to go! Kristin and Oscar are such incredible friends and I'm so lucky to have them! We did go about the day acting as if I were their child they were taking to the park as a special treat..which is was! Plus if you've seen me at the parks a super jacked up excited kid pretty much explains it perfectly! 

So Kristin and Oscar picked me up and we went for lunch at the Golden Corral before heading to the parks.  It was actually so good! I don't know what people are talking about who diss this place! It's a buffet (watch out waistline!) but had so many options for vegetarians it was awesome! I even got fried okra which is weirdly becoming one of my favourite things! There was so much food from pastas to a whole turkey carving station to potatoes like 18 ways to gazillions of vegetables to a huge salad bar to fruit to make-your-own tacos to sandwiches...and don't even get me started on the desserts! It was pretty delicious for $8.59!

Then we headed over to HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!! Which just happened to be hosting Star Wars Weekends!!!

The added doors to all the trams because someone fell out! I don't know how :p The trams look so different though!

My favourite part of Star Wars Weekends...dressed up fans!!!!

Lotso in the Pixar Parade!

On this very stage George Lucas stood a week ago!

C3PO in the new Star Tours queue which is set up like an airport
Kermy the Peeping Tom ;) 

In line for Star Tours: The Adventure Continues!


Kristin pointed these out and I thought they were neat! Honey Spoons! So clever!
Jedi Mickey! and R2-MK 
Storm Trooper & I!

Creepy Star Wars lady...I should have taken a picture of her fingers...I couldn't deal with how long and freaky they were!

You know who!

Boba Fett..I think? I wanted to call him Bubba. haha that isn't correct.

These creepy Sand creatures make the most ridiculously freaky sounds...

...and chase people!

Earful Tower I think? I may be making that up

The sea organ from Pirates of the Caribbean!
 At Hollywood Studios we rode Star Tours (it was totally different from my first ride except Yoda was in both!), the Great Movie Ride, the Backlot Tour and the Tower of Terror! At the Great Movie Ride I have never seen the Bandit scene, I've only ever gotten the Gangster scene because that's the one they run when it's slow! Well, I asked if the Bandit was on today, and boy was he ever! We waited an extra couple of minutes and got to sit in the front row AND see the Bandit scene! We pulled into the country scene and the cowboy came out of holding up the bank, and then it caught was awesome! I was so giddy and excited and happy to finally get to see it! We had an awesome sequence on the Tower of Terror and saw the outline of the little girl lit up, which I don't remember.  It was such a good ride!! Then we left Hollywood and headed for the...

Pretty sunset!

AHH!!! I am so excited! I couldn't wait to get in!

Home. True Love. Whatever you want to call it <3

This is an awful picture due to lighting, I'll get a better one, but it's my
Professor Ron Logan's window!!

The Castle!
Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we went right to the Haunted Mansion as it's Kristin's favourite ride! It was so cool getting to see the new interactive queue!!! They put in incredible effects like a tome with musical instruments that if you touch one it plays that sound, and then warped creepy instruments on the other side that play crazy sounds (including a screeching cat!).  There is also a pirates tome that spurts water, a book that writes itself and more! It was awesome! The ride was good of course as well! After Haunted Mansion we hit up Pirates of the Caribbean (yay!) before getting Dole Whip Floats (Heaven!) and popcorn and heading to Kristin and Oscar's secret firework watching location! It was great view, not crowded and we got to sit down in comfy chairs!

Right before the fireworks they had the amazing The magic, The Memories and You Photo show on the castle! It was incredible. My jaw hit the ground and I didn't want to blink! It made the castle look as though it was morphing in front of your eyes, and left me speechless. I'm impressed! Then we watched Wishes for the first time in over a year and it was amazing.  

It was the most incredible day with fantastic friends and I owe them so much for all their kindness over the past year and more.  So much fun! I love life :D

More Ron Logan facts coming soon ;)

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