Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Little known fact about Kate: When I get stressed out, it's no good. haha. Usually I handle everything pretty darn well (in my own humble opinion) and can juggle (literally) super well. But sometimes, that extra straw of hay makes me hit: Stress Level 94!
That is where I am currently residing. I was fine with having an assignment, a class presentation, 2 two hour final exams and a meeting with a visa advisor tomorrow all before studying for another final exam the following morning, but it's the incorrect submission of a group project leading to me currently having no marks for it (even though I finished my part 4 days early) that is making me teeter on the edge.
Me in my Fun and Fancy Free days of joyous stress free living :D

When I was 14 I had my first job interview at a Wendy's and the manager asked me how I handle stress. I answered that "I drink tea." Yup, actually said that. Then I probably giggled, and corrected my answer talking about taking a step back, organizing everything by priority in my head, taking a deep breath, and going at it.  (The manager called and hired me before I even got home by the way! Yeeyah first job!)

So following my 14 year old self's very wise advise, I first made myself a steamy cup of Chai Tea (which is also nice because air conditioning is INSANE in Florida) and then I sat down, took a deep breath and organized everything in order of importance/things I can fix now.  I can't make my teacher mark our assignment, or email me back, so I just have to give it a bit more time.  I can however study my little life away and ace my finals tomorrow.  I have to give up a little control on our presentation and believe my group can do the tasks laid out for them, and I pretty much know exactly what I need to tell the visa advisor. I can do the final assignment (he only told us about it yesterday, it's extra credit and not due until Thursday at 2pm) on Thursday after my 8am exam.  See....stress level back down to a 52 :D

Stress isn't what you all want to read about...and I have to get back to analyzing financial statements and figuring out the purpose of cash flow statements per each group of interested investors and creditors, but here are so great links that I love to check out, oh you know, daily:

Peanut Butter Fingers: Julie Fagon is a realistic healthy food blogger, Orlando-ite, and writes my favourite blog!!

Oh She Glows: Angela Liddon makes the most incredible vegan cooking/baking and I want to make every recipe!

Disney Things: If you have Disney friends on facebook, you've probably seen one of these pictures.  They are all the 'simple' things about Disney we love

The Wonderful World Of Disney: Louisa was on her second UK pavilion contract when I went on my first contract.  She has done a J1 program (as a Jungle Cruise Skipper!), 2 CRPs and currently works on the Disney Cruise Line. Pretty much she knows everything!

Another Amazing Summer at Disney: Devon works at the Magic Kingdom turnstiles and the Town Square Theater where you can meet Mickey (and Co) & the Princesses! I don't know him, but I like his blog and if I ever spot him will going in MK I'll probably tell him I read his blog and he'll be either creeped out or shocked :) (If someone who reads my blog ever comes up and tells me I'll be the happiest person in the world, and then maybe we could have a Dole Whip together ;) )

The Disney Food Blog: I feel like this blogger and I are kindred souls. Especially when I saw together was a round the (Disney) world trip of Margaritas!! Soooo yummy!

The Disney Parks Blog: Oh course the official blog of Disney, they had a really good read about father/son Imagineers Rolly and Chris Crump.

Hope something in there keeps you a little entertained, of course there are also my favourite to read all the time Disney blogs featured in the "Check-check-check it out!' roll to the right of this post!! They are even listed for most recently updated on (I'm kind like that!! Okay..it does it itself), but Ariella just started her Canadian Cultural Representative Program over at My Year At Disney, Lisa at Disney ICP Summer 2011 just finished training in Tomorrowland (Congrats!), and Vicky is letting you all know about her cultural representative application process over at Another Disney Cultural Rep Blog (Vicky and I share an arrival date!).

If you want your blog featured on here let me know and I'll pass on the good word about your exciting blog! Or if you have any good ones that you know I'd love, please let me know!!

Enjoy the rest of your days! Remember: 
Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. 

-Hans Selye 

This has nothing to do with anything really...but I watched Star Wars this week and
realized that Anakin Skywalker slaughters all of these guys! Plus their wives and children!
Now instead of being totally creeped out by them, I'm both creeped out and feel like telling them
not to kidnap his Mother and they could have saved the whole galaxy a huge mess.

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