Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flight Booked!!!!

That's right, I finally booked my flight to Orlando!!!
Yes, I am currently in Orlando, and that may be why it took me so long to book my flight back down, because I sort of forgot I needed to until yesterday.  I wanted to arrive midday on the 16th, so I leave Vancouver around 11pm on the 15th, have a lay over in Houston, and then arrive in Orlando around 11am! Perfecto! Last time I flew down for the program I got to fly down with Heather, who I had met at the interviews!  This time it's all me by myself.  Tamara, who is actually from Courtenay as well (well Comox, and we've never met!) is flying out a few hours earlier and arrives earlier in the morning I think, so we're perhaps going to try and do our Walmart shop together! Yes I know people on the program already, but I'm excited to meet my arrival group and do all the fun things at the beginning with them!!
It feels good to have my flights booked! Now just insurance, the visa arrival and the assessment fee! ....for the Program anyways!

7 Random Facts I learned from Ron Logan this Week:
  • Ron Logan enjoys driving up beside those kinda sketchy cars with blasting hip hop beats, roll down his windows, and blast jazz.  He said usually the guys laugh and give him a thumbs up
  • Hitler as well as Mao's wife, use to put musicians in jail for not writing heroic music which is very brassy and strong sounding
  • The baritone singer in the Voices of Liberty group in The American Adventure does many on the operations announcements on rides (ie: Please stay seated)
  • Tokyo Rose was a broadcaster in Japan during World War II who tried to get American soldiers to pack up and go home by telling them it's what they wanted. She was later tried for treason.
  • So much precision was put into Illuminations:Reflections of Earth that all Don Dorsey would go through the music and find one beat in one bar and change it from 3/4s to 4/4s so that it coincided perfectly with the fireworks
  • The Globe in Illuminations was originally going to be 3 cranes (a mum, dad and child crane) but even after spending $3 million on them, they decided they didn't work well and trashed the idea
  • It costs $15,000 per day to put on Illuminations, however it has been credited with $80 million in profit for Epcot!
  • Bonus: Toni Braxton sings 'We Go On' in Illuminations, and the Show won "Most Spectacular Show in the World 5 years straight! (Including 2010!!)
  • Double Bonus: The reason there is a countdown at the beginning of Illuminations is because Don Dorsey liked the countdown at Hockey Games! (when everyone slow claps, then it gets faster!)
Clearly our last class was about Illuminations ;) If you haven't seen this show it is absolutely breath taking. It's in three acts: The Creation of the Earth, Modern Day, and the Future.  Professor Logan absolutely loves Illuminations (I'm pretty sure he said he was the most proud of it...but that could have been the Wild West Show in Paris), and I absolutely love it as well! We use to walk out of work at Le Cellier and be able to conduct it.  I couldn't believe when I first started on the popcorn cart that we got to watch Illuminations! Incredible! It's no where near the same as seeing it in person, but here is a link in you want to check it out!

The Canucks won last night (2 MORE!! - as if everyone didn't already know that!) and I got to skype both my sisters and brother in law, and my Parents and Grandparents!! If you don't have skype and are far away from your family/friends, or going to be, GET SKYPE! It's free and you can video which is so, so nice! It was a pretty fabulous evening, especially because I had been feeling a bit homesick/overwhelmed earlier in the day with decisions.  I was missing my family a lot and then had about an hour long chat with my Grandma and she put me in the best mood ever! She has such an incredible knack for that! What a lady! I love her to bits!
I have a 615 workout and then 8am class tomorrow morning so I'm going to hopefully make it a pretty early Sunday night!! Hope all is well in your worlds as well, I almost start to feel selfish being so darn happy :)

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