Thursday, June 2, 2011


75 days until I'm A CAST MEMBER! That's only 25 days 3 times! 
That's not too long!
It also means I only have 3 and a half weeks of class left.
It also means I have to get wedding gifts!
It also means I have to get a bridesmaid dress!
It also means I get to see the friends that I love as family!
It also means I get to ride two more very long air plane rides! (Come on cool connections!!)
It also means I get to spent 6 whole weeks at home with MY SISTERS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, BROTHER and NIECE!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited!

Also....I shall do a real update as I had a super fun day at Universal today! However, I feel like this currently:

Like I can't open my mouth without a Song jump' right out of it!

I cannot believe I get to work for Disney again! DISNEY! I get to be a Disney Cast Member. Yessssss SIR ! Life is SO good today!

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