Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Week at 204B

That's my apartment number ;)

This past week went by pretty darn fast.  Monday I had all three classes then went out with my room mates because Emily's friend John was visiting from Gainesville, it was fun.  Tuesday morning I had Entertainment, Arts and Events which is always my favourite! To be honest I currently cannot remember what I did with the rest of the day besides work out.  Wednesday I had all three classes again (including an exam) and then worked out with Emily twice! We went to her Gold's Gym because they have a movie theatre! There is a ton of cardio in a big dark cold room and then a huge movie screen! Public Enemies was the movie of the day, and was a big gun happy for my liking.  It was a really neat concept though, I'm a fan!

On Thursday I had class with Professor Logan which brings me to our weekly

7 Facts I have Learned from Professor Logan This Week:

  • At Walt Disney World they had to rebuild the Liberty Square bridge to be able to support the weight of the carousel float in SpectroMagic
  • Disney had to take TweedleDee and TweedleDum out of the parks and parades for a period of time because it was politically incorrect to call someone 'dumb.'
  • LiteMagic was a short run parade at Disneyland that followed the Main Street Electrical Parade.  Jane Eisner, Michael's wife, was very into RiverDance at the time and told Michael to insist the parade was set to Irish Dance music.  It was a major flop. 
  • The spitting Camels in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom are originally from the tongue-in-cheek Aladdin Parade that ran in Hollywood Studios.  Frank Wells loved the camels!
  • Gavin Greenway created the music for Illuminations, Tapestry of Dreams AND the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! 
  • Ron Logan originally tried to become a violinist, however he didn't like that he could hear the violin right beside his head, so he switched the the trumpet and life took off!
  • If you're moving (dancing) you're lip syncing! Rarely rarely can people ever dance and sing at the same time.
  • Bonus: Warren Beatty was apparently a shluck/jerk! He stuttered, was a pain in the ass and didn't care to follow a program.  He may be nicer these days ;)

After class I was lucky enough to get to sit down with Professor Logan for an hour to discuss my future, his past/present and everything in between! It was absolutely incredible and I came out of it with the hugest grin on my face and so much excitement! He is such an intelligent, wonderful person and I am very eager to work on everything he mentioned.  He did tell me that I shouldn't watch reality TV, especially mentioning the Kardashians, as if he secretly somehow knew I was super excited about the Khloe & Lamar finale tomorrow night! My last reality show - promise? I'm trying.... Don't worry, I never actually admitted to Professor Logan that I have/do watch reality shows.

After this great great discussion my friend Doug picked me up for a fun day exploring! We went out to Cocoa Beach and the Disney Dream was docked! Just seeing it brought me back to when I went on my first and only cruise on the Disney Wonder in November 2009.  I am so excited to someday sail on either the Dream or the Fantasy! We drove over for a close up of the ship :)
Space Cadet Kate?

As we were crossing a causeway we saw a ton of dolphins!!! It was so exciting!!!

Doesn't he look like he's either Roaring or yelling BOO!
$46 a day

Next we headed over to Merritt Island to explore a little NASA! We didn't go into the Visitor's Center because I can get half price tickets from school, plus it wasn't the plan! But we looked around and saw rockets, a shuttle, and the fuel tanks that fall off the shuttle! We then check out the Astronaut's Hall of Fame a bit which had the Police Hall of Fame across the street....with one of these:
No comment is probably the best comment :)

We went to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and drove through these really cool trails that were in the water. I don't know how to explain it...check out the pictures:
There is water all around you and the path is just wide enough for a truck

It was beautiful!
I want to fly like I'm eagle, to the sea...

..fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me. (Yes I know these aren't eagles)

It was a bright beautiful day, you could see forever, it was gorgeous :) We were trying to find alligators but only saw the tip of one of their noses! After the drive through the water, we went to a canal that all the Manatees that go in and out of the river have to go through.  We waited a little bit but didn't see any so we went to Manatee Park and there were a ton!! They were hard to see/take pictures of because they kind of just looked like smooth rocks peaking out of the water, but every now and then they would breath or move their fins around and it was pretty neat!
The Manatee Canal

Cocoa Beach from the Pier! Sooo nice!

By this time it was dinner time so we went to one of Doug's favourites in Cocoa Beach, Florida's Seafood. It has fish tanks all around it and was pretty cute.  We agreed our server must have been on something though, she was a little crazy to say the least.
The Blues Brothers Are Coming!

The next day (Friday) I decided to take my phone back. I had a Sprint Blackberry which cost 69.99 a month, plus a $10 mandatory data package, and a $4.00 international calling package that just made calling Canada cheaper, not free. So then I was going to have the additional fees of calling (which in 2 weeks were already 20 dollars) and then the taxes, so it didn't make sense. I had Sprint last time but I guess I just didn't care how much my bills were.  I'm a little more thrifty/realistic now, and took the phone back within the 30 days and got a full refund and don't have to pay for the time I used.  I went for a Metro PCS blackberry instead.  It's 70/month flat with unlimited calling and texting to Canada so it seems to make a lot more sense.  However I've been having a few problems with it sending emails so I'm a little weary still. Here's hoping it works out alright!
The Car!
After the phone situation we went to Universal Studios!!! I got the annual pass on the flex payment plan so it's $12.00/month.  I was going to get a pass once my Disney program starts anyways so I thought I might as well just do it now.  We had a really fun day and rode a lot of the rides, including Rip Ride Rock It twice in 10 minutes! Soooo sweet!
My favourite ride! Especially when you sit in the font!
I don't really remember what I did Saturday! haha. I know it involved school work though :)

Ash "petting" a swan

Sunday I went to the farmer's market with Ashley and her friend Megan! It was so nice! I absolutely love it and it makes missing the market at home not so bad.  I even bought my first loaf of bread ever! Yes I've eaten bread before, but I've never bought it for myself, so that was something new.  It's a garlic and asiago cheese load that was made fresh that morning and now lives in my freezer! haha. It is delicious though. After the market we went to the Flea Market and then walked around Old Town! Then I did schoool work! Yeeehaw!
Sunbathing turtles!

Monday I was suppose to go to Islands of Adventure as I thought I had all my school work down but at the last minute realize I had to do something for class that my professor changed from in class to online at the last minute, so instead I did that then went to the Shingle Creek pool with my room mate Emily and her friend before going for sushi with Emily and her mum! It ended up being a nice day after I thought it was going to be a flop.  

This is from the Simpsons Ride at Universal
This morning we were given our class project for Entertainment, Events and Arts! We have to put together the gala for the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) Convention! We are in groups of 6, have a 60,000 dollar budget and the best presentation/event gets hired on as interns and actually put together the event! My group has some people that seem to have some good contacts in the area so that's good, should be interesting! I'll keep you in the loop!

Alllll right, that should do it for now! 

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