Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just 2 Arrival Groups Away!

That's right! There are only two arrival groups between now and my lovely group of August 16th-ers!! I'm clearly over the moon about this fact! It's also exciting some people have been hearing on the waitlist this week! So if you're on the Canadian waitlist, don't lose hope! Apparently Kristen said that Merch in Canada is understaffed, and Food and Beverage surely always needs someone! Also a girl declined her contract a week or so ago, so you never know! Waiting is stressful and frustrating, and it's hard to get on with your life when things are in limbo, but as soon as you hear, that will all disappear and you'll just be plain elated! Promise!

In other news I got my grades back from Rosen College/ University of Central Florida and I officially got all As! Yay! I feel so smart! haha. Just to point out my total geekiness! It shows the difference between enjoying what you're studying and studying what you think you might enjoy - but then not. Deep down I guess we all knew I'd end up in hospitality, and a lot of people told me to go here and there and take it, but I don't think I would be happy doing hospitality somewhere else.  It's a case of the perfect thing to study in the perfect place! Yay!

Incredibly delicious biscottis my amazingly talented sister made!!

Yup, I ate that entire bag of ketchup chips...what?! I won't be having any for at least another year!!

Doesn't she kind of look like a sea otter?
Lily = <3

Outside of my Disney Package!

Inside of my Disney Package! It included a sheet about driving the US from Canada,
an over view of the program, living while on the program and learning on the program.
It also had a copy of some housing and work contracts as well as my start date!

Just in case you're a boy and want to know how to grow your hair ;)

The Disney Look Book! Ahh!
Tomorrow I'm going to Tofino for a few days with my dear friend Holly! Then Friday I'm off to Vancouver with my sister Carrie to hopefully buy some bridesmaid dresses!!!! Until then my friends! Stay happy!! And enjoy the Sunshine of Summer - wherever you are :)

PS - I just saw a news story about a dog which went missing in Montreal a year ago.  It was found over 3400kms away a year later in Kamloops!!! How incredible is that?! And the family couldn't afford a plane ticket so the international SPCA flew the doggy home! All together now - Awwwwww!!!

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