Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disneyland Trip

So if you click on the title it will take you to my youtube video of the christmas fireworks. I'm trying to figure outhte best way to be able to add videos and such to my blog. Make it an all around experience:) Haha. Soooo Disneyland! Amazing. Obviously. I was a little nervous because i hadn't been to a disney park in about 3 years, and was thinking what if i didn't love it as much anymore? But i completely did. Sitting and watching the fireworks night after night i realized that I am going to be able to do that every night! I'll be able to watch a parade whenever i feel like it, go to a favourite restuarant, ride just space mountain and all these things whenever I have free time. I can go for half an hour or 18 hours, because i'll have a free pass! How unreal is that?! I just can't believe how lucky I am. I talk about moving to florida all the time, but when I stop and actually think about what I'm getting the opportunity to do, it's unbelieveable. Not only do i get to work in Disneyworld talking about Canada, I get to learn skills as a fine dining server that i'll be able to use anywhere in the world, i can take disney U courses, volunteer, join clubs/groups, drive down to key west, miami, the atlantic, the gulf of mexico. I can see spaceships launch and swim with dolphins and see aligators just walking down the street! I can watch fireworks behind a castle or across a lagoon from a sandy beach. I can have a campfire sing-a-long most days of the week or attend a luau. It's the most incredible bubble world, and then you can go outside of that and you're in central florida - the attraction capital of the world! Think of the rollercoasters! I'm beyond grateful and excited and awestruck by it all. But i'm suppose to be talking about my recent trip to disneyland. I love Disneyland. It's the original park, the one Walt paced out and created and built and lived in. When I'm there I can imagine him walking through the park, asking people how they are enjoying themselves, what they would change, picking up things from the ground and people watching. I love that when I'm there i'm walking where he did and i even sat in his prized fire engine that he use to drive around before the park opened. My Dad and I had a really good time, the park was really empty the first 5 days we were there, our first day we rode 18 rides and could have done more. We did big thunder mountain 4 times because it was closed the rest of the week. Friday and Saturday were crazy busy comparatively, with most rides having a 30-45 minute wait and up. I had dole whip and a couple cherros. Also a mickey mouse ice cream sandwich, which are the best things ever and the first treat i ever had in the park. DCA was pretty empty and I used the single rider line for soarin' and screamin' a few times so i was straight on. The new toy story midway mania is amazing! Soo cool and fun. I beat my dad, numerous times - and on Buzz. haha. He blamed the guns, i think i just have skillllss :) Overall it was an amazing trip, we had great weather and a lot of fun. I'll put some photos up!

We flew into Las Vegas - they had slots in the airport! then from there to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. Although we were only outside in Vegas for a short time it was pretty cool. I couldn't believe all the slots in the airport, you'd think people leaving Vegas would have already lost enough :)

Our 2nd day in California we went to Newport Beach, it was beautiful! we sat out on the beach and watched the waves crash. There were some kids swimming/playing in the waves. We also saw whales! it was really cool. I got a really bad picture of them! haha. It was absolutely gorgeous and really fun.

The Castle all dressed up for Christmas! Every day they have a big lighting of the castle thing where they play some song and hve a voice say something along the lines of wishing for a white christmas and then...it lights up and starts snowing! It's so cute how everyone gets sooo excited for the snow (foam) and run over to it and freak out! Hearing peoples reactions is one of my favourite things about the parks.

Oh! and i recieved another package from Disney! It was a lot like my first package, but said my first official day of work is March 28th, 4 days after I arrive. And some stuff about insurance and the shuttle from the airport.
That's me and the Disney family crest and the castle of course.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...
I'm asking for a suitcase for xmas!

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Yarrrrr_Matey said...

Wow, what a trip! Sounds like it's gotten you excited for Florida! Lucky that you got on Thunder Mountain before it closed! Did you go on Pirates?? I love Pirates yarrrrrrrrrr!!