Sunday, February 3, 2013


Three girls. Brought up in the same home, with the same values, same parents, same town, same chances. You could argue that it wasn't all the same- that the shift in world events, place in the family, and economic turns raised us differently. But those aren't the real things that shape you I feel, they are factors, but in general, we began in very similar places.

We were all encouraged to do our best at everything we tried. We were encouraged to finish what we started and do well in school. We were taught to speak well and present ourselves well. We were taught honesty, trust, love and the importance of family.

Yet we are all completely different.

I am the loud one. Apparently. The showboat. The entertainer. The comedian. The dreamer?

Carrie is the quiet one. This I know isn't true. But to the world I guess, the quieter one. The analytical one. The explorer. The world changing one.

Kim is the one who broke all the barriers so Carrie and I could do whatever we wanted. She is the lover, the family first, the artistic one. She's done everything and tries everything at least once. She has great drive once her mind is set.

How are we so different? Yet we are also very much alike. We share a bond stronger than almost any possible to create. We can be placed anywhere together and have the greatest time. Kim and Carrie are just as funny as I am. Kim has travelled around the world as Carrie has. I can set my mind on something and follow it until it happens too. We all have our strongest tendencies, or the qualities the outside world would notice first - but we also have a vibrant web of interlocking characteristics that make it so blatantly obvious our bond is stronger and tighter than most. Sisters. It's one of the worlds biggest blessings.

We are different though. Kim has a blossoming career and incredible family 5000 miles away from Carrie who is pursuing a masters degree 3000 miles away from me chasing my Disney dreams.

Our lives have pulled us to three opposing sides of the continent. Three girls who grew up with the same values, family, home, environment - stretched across North America by their dreams. Distance in miles does not calculate to distance in heart. I know my sisters are always with me. We've grown up but not apart. My big sisters will always be my sources of inspiration, sources of pride and sources of wisdom, love and friendship.

How do you tell someone the impact they have had on your life? How do you tell them that everyday, although miles apart, you still call upon everything they have taught you through the years to accomplish what you're doing? We don't get to talk everyday like we did when we lived together. We don't get to know exactly what's happening all the time. We don't get to share White Spot or watch HGTV/TLC or bake or workout together.

My dearest sisters. My Kimbob and Carebear.

(I once got Kim a pooh bear glass for Christmas and wrapped frozen juice mix to go with it... Stored it in the freezer until it was time to open gifts. I thought it was a brilliant gift at the time.... Gotta love little sisters eh?)

I hope you two know how much I truly appreciate you. How much I love you and look up to you. If I didn't have such incredibly strong woman to look up to I wouldn't be me. Your constant support, your encouragement, your tough love, your friendship - it leaves me speechless. And as the family talker - you know how hard it is to make me quiet ;)

I miss you so entirely. I'm so proud of the way you live your lives and the things you're accomplishing. There are few bonds as strong as the three little girls from Fedoruk Road turn Roy Creek Road who grew into three beautiful women from Vancouver, Halifax and Orlando. Distance is nothing. I love you two!!

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