Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today was an amazing day. Nothing significant happened. No surprises, no gifts. No news.
But maybe that adds to it's greatness?
The day started by laughing and joking while making breakfast with my boyfriend. It continued with church with two of my good friends. It felt like the pastor was talking just to me, which is a good quality. It makes the things you think or do seem like they happen to a lot of other people too. It was about results. Wishing things could fast forward so you can get your rewards sooner. It was in a way about the journey more than the ending. But not of life- of the things in our lives. Relationships. Careers. I like results.
Church was followed by breakfast at a casual cafe. Grandfather owned and worked in by the whole family. We had omelets and tea; laughed and chatted. I've been pretty homesick lately for the relationships I have there. Breakfast felt like home.
I continued to Starbucks where over more tea we chatted then individually worked. I did some readings and a quiz and got my dose of happiness from gaining knowledge and enjoying it.
Now I'm walking the dog, writing and listening to music. Soon the boyfriend will be home and we'll cook some dinner together.
It's just a simple day. Nothing spectacular happened. But it was exactly the day I needed. The type of day that makes life's little moments the ones that count.

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