Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sister Visit!

I've had the most amazing time with my wonderful sister visiting!! It is very rare that I find myself in a Disney park without a special event ticket these days. So having a guest meant we got to go to all the parks and just play!! Plus the weather was pretty gorgeous this week! And with perfect timing... It's suppose to go back down to a low of 30 this weekend!!

My sister and her beau had a great time I hope, because I sure did! I'm usually a little nervous to meet new people of importance, but he is so nice, makes you feel at ease and totally comfortable! So it was great! I hope they liked my main man as well, because I sure do!

We started the visit at Epcot and had a fun time on Soarin', The Seas with Nemo and friends and mission space! We get a fast pass for test track and explored the world a bit with a delicious meal in Morocco!! If you haven't eaten at the quick service in Morocco you should definitely try it out! It's my favourite quick bite in Epcot and sooo yummy!

We had sushi in Japan later on that was good too but being a veggie roll pretty simple. They have awesome 'snow comes' here too though!

I should just blog about eating at Disney. I've been pretty much everywhere at some point and can tell you exactly where you can buy pretzels and which types in every park. It's sad. I just love pretzels...

The next day we did Magic Kingdom and it was HoT! Lauren my roommate came with us and it was a great day (despite super long lines we got on everything we wanted)! We ended up getting stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for quite a while. Apparently the boat behind us got caught on something. They turned on the lights and off the sound, then had to reboot the whole ride! It was awesome! Lol everyone was in great spirits on our boat and we were in the auction scene so it was really neat! I think it's pretty cool to get to see rides with lights on, or get stuck- it's a different experience and a story to tell :)

That night we went to Raglan road for dinner at Downtown Disney! They have a phenomenal quinoa salad - unfortunately I switched it up and tried a different salad. It was still good, but not my quinoa! We laughed a lot and the boys got going on scotch discussions! Hehe

Sunday was a relaxing day, so I did some things around the house then we went outlet shopping! After shopping Francel and I went to a dinner with a bunch of Canadians who are sadly finishing their programs. It was a great time :)

Monday I had school and work, so The visitors were on their own at Hollywood Studios!

Today was our last day and we went to Animal Kingdom. The weather was totally overcast and it was drizzling (then sow pouring) but we had a great safari. When I say great.... The best ever!!! We saw so many animals it was ridiculous! And 3 LIONS!!!!! So great!

We're going to meet now for dinner at Boma, an African inspired restaurant at animal kingdom lodge! Should be yummy!

That's all for now! Although I may have some exciting news on the horizon...

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