Friday, March 8, 2013

February/March Goals

I set myself some goals in February.  They went pretty well, but just like me, not perfectly.

Here's a recap:

Money: Don't spend it
How it went-
Pretty well.  I pack lunches for school/work usually from the night before's dinner.  I've been spending some time Sunday evenings making soups, chilis etc. that can last a few days through the week as well which has helped.  When there is something in the fridge, especially already made, you're less likely to grab something out.  We also make breakfast everyday to feel full in the morning and start the day off right.  Francel is really into smoothies after his morning workouts and I've become addicted to Chobani plain yogurt! This has made the next goal not go as well...

Health: 5 vegan days a week
How it went- I gave in and started eating real yogurt. You get 2oz more for 40 calories less! And it's thick and creamy and DELICIOUS! and keeps me full longer. Sorry veganism, you're going on the back burner. I do however eat WAY less cheese. 

Exercise: 5 workouts a week. At least 3 in the morning.
How it went-
This goal was going well for..a week? Maybe two.  It's easier for me to workout in the morning it seems with a little extra motivation from my boyfriend.  If he skips his workout, I want to hit snooze too.   I got some incredible extra motivation via a birthday present from my boyfriend though that has got me okay with waking up at 630.  Also I keep trying to focus on how great it feels to be done your workout before your day begins!

Time Management: Try it
How it went-
Not too badly. In February that is.  This past week I kind of procrastinated, but it was Spring Break! Everything is done though so we're good to go! Plus this week wasn't February so it doesn't count.


Wheeeee!! A week late into the month we are on to our March goals.  And the funny thing is they look a lot like our February goals - with a few minor tweaks.

Money: Track it!
How: Well we are planning on not spending it, but if we do I have a little receipt folder.  And every single dime spent is being tracked.  The main thing that will be paid for is my phone bill.  Besides that is groceries.  I really want to know what we're buying and how long it's lasting.  Yup, I'm that person now.  I want to know how long that $10 bag of quinoa lasts us (it's the huge one from Costco - score!).  We are already learning what to buy from which stores to make the best of prices versus spoilage. I'm a grown up.

Health: Smaller meals throughout the day
How: By having smaller meals throughout the day it helps keep you fuller longer and keeps your metabolism going.  Also you aren't suppose to have huge meals at night, so we're going to try and escape that this way as well. Plus I love snacks!

Exercise: Cardio + Strength
How: When I finish my run the last thing I want to do is get more sweaty.  But with the raised heart rate it's the best time to workout. So we are going to make sure we do both. Everyday. Except Thursday. We don't work out on Thursdays!

Time Management: Continue to try it
How: My textbook says the best thing a manager can learn to manage is their own time.  I'm on it.

So we shall see how these go.  And by that I mean..they will go AMAZINGLY! Because you always have to have faith in yourself right? I'm off to bed, because it's an hour past my bedtime and 630 comes quicker the later you're up ;)

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