Sunday, February 6, 2011

This and That From the Fall


Hula!!! To be fair, Michelle, Ashley and I went to the Spirit of Aloha Show during the Summer, but I thought I'd throw in these pictures!!! It was super fun, we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort together as well!! Michelle got up and learned the hula from the dancers: (sorry it's sideways at first! You can see that Mich may have been the oldest dancer, but she still rocked it!)

While we're at it...this picture is from early in the Summer as well, we went to a Princess Breakfast in Norway and got to met all the best princesses over a lovely family style buffet (the server brings large serving dishes full of eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes etc to the table and you serve yourself from them, then they refill the dishes as you need). It was great fun!
From Left to Right:
David, Cale, Belle, Me & Rebecca!

One day Michelle, David, Chris and I went for Lunch at The Rose and Crown Pub in the UK pavilion, then we decided to go mini golfing! We tried Fantastia! Gardens first..

but they were tooooooo busy!!! So we went off property to Pirate's Cove:

We got to play! I definitely did not win but it was a blast! They are all incredible people!

I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge in early September/late August and they always make a cool Mickey on the bed's with towels! Another resort I stayed in they made little hand towel animals with eye stickers even! It was super cute!

This giraffe actually came back and slept outside the room all night!! It was super cool! This picture is taken from the balcony! It's a pretty incredible resort and I would definitely recommend trying to spend a night or two here!!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is sooo much fun!! I went a few different times and it was great each time!
Sorry some pictures are blurry, they are from a disposable camera that I randomly used for months :) David and I were at the parks one afternoon and had dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant (after Tony from Lady and the Tramp!) and we had the most delicious pistachio crème brulee! But that's not that point of this story... the point is we finished up dinner just as Mickey's Not So Scary was starting...and I really wanted to stay! So we went and bought tickets on the spot - then realizing we didn't have costumes, bought these:

hahaha It was really fun going around pretending we were just engaged! Except that people kept asking out engagement story and trying to make us kiss - to which we replied that we were not fans of PDA - good thing Cast Members are respectful at work! ;)

If we were actually engaged (FYI: David and I are 1000% platonic friends!)..this would have been a BIG life moment for us :)

Spooky Castle!

At some point in the fall I stayed a night at the Marriott World Center. We had an incredible dinner at the hotel restaurant with some friends from work, and I got an around the world in 80 minutes massage that was incredible! They used different massage techniques from around the world (obviously) and it was so relaxing and needed. Le Cellier shifts/Commons life can get stressful! This is the room:
This is the pool! It had waterfalls with hot tubs underneath!!

This is the view from the room:

You could see all of Downtown Disney, Epcot, Old Town, all the way to the Contemporary Resort. Some friends also rented a hotel room here on New Years Eve and I went after work and hung out. It was fun then too!

I went on my first cruise in November. It was amazing! So relaxing, so beautiful and so many fun things to do!! This is what the room looked like, we had a verandah!
Everyday there was a different towel animal in the room from the room attendant! The coolest was the monkey, but I couldn't find a picture. There were also different themed nights, such as fancy dress night:
Minnie in a Ballgown!

Another was Pirates of the Caribbean Night! It was amazing, there was a huge pirate show and then fireworks in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! Incredible that Disney Magic :)

The ship was incredible. It was a great experience and I hope that I get the chance to go on another cruise sooner than later!! I would do some things differently, take advantage of some excursions, and bicycle on Castaway Cay! I did get a Seaweed Wrap Spa Treatment and it was awesome! (I seem to highly enjoy the spa!)

In early December I went to Toronto and visited my Sister Carrie, Auntie's Mary and Deena, cousins Savita and Kira, and my Mum flew out from Vancouver to see me as well!!! It was a great visit, I'm a huge family person and it meant so much to get to see them! My next big trip was Boston!!

17 days 22 hours and 57 minutes until my Disney Face to Face Interview!!
I'm SOO nervous!

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