Monday, February 7, 2011


Ridiculously early morning shot!

When you get near the end of the Disney Program you are invited to graduation - a breakfast you get up at a ridiculous early (comparatively) time and in our case, be bussed to the Contemporary Resort for a free (that is a big word down there: FREE) breakfast!! Everyone dresses up classy and it's a pretty fun event!

You get a free caricature drawing as well which was interesting! The managers come as well,

it's all a great photo op...they aren't the only special guests though...

Grad Mickey and Minnie!

Then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom,

danced in the Celebrate Parade
Craig Dancing!
and took some graduation photos!!
Craig, Me, Pierre-Luc, Kelly, Kyle, Amanda & Chelsea

We kind of failed at they throwing of the hats picture...

Craig wanted to make graduation extra special

Pierre-Luc, Kyle and Mich in a Doom Buggy!

Afterwards the group split up and Michelle, Kyle and I went back to Le Cellier and ate lunch to celebrate! It was a really great day :)

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