Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Location Location Location!

I received this email from Kristen this morning:

Greetings Kathryn (Kate)!

Many thanks for confirming your preferred interview location of Vancouver on February 25th. Walt Disney World and Yummy Jobs very much looks forward to assisting you on taking this next step on your adventure the US. During the presentation and interviews you will be given the opportunity to meet with Walt Disney World, interview, and have any of your questions about the program answered!

Your interview will be held at:

The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

Friday, February 25th 8:45am- 5:00pm

Sutton Place Hotel

845 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2K6

Telephone: 604-682-5511

Website: http://www.vancouver.suttonplace.com/default.htm

You will need to arrive at 8:45am as the Disney presentation will start at promptly at9:00am. After the presentation your interview will be scheduled. You must be prepared to spend the whole day at the interviews and will be required to dress in professional / business attire.

It is essential that you bring the following items to the interview:

  1. 3 Photocopies of your main passport page (picture page/passport number)
  2. Your Passport
  3. An up to date copy of your resume
  4. Walt Disney World Online Application Form
  5. Role Check List
  6. A black pen to fill out any forms

We will be sending you a link for the Disney Application form and an attachment copy of the Role Checklist in a second email that will arrive to your inbox by 8am tomorrow morning. Please do contact us if you do not receive this second email by 8am tomorrow.

If you have any questions about the location, please do feel free to contact me for assistance.

* Please do note that if at any time before the interviews, you discover that you are no longer able to participate in the program, please do email me. This will ensure you are able to be considered for Walt Disney World should you wish to reapply in the future.

Once again, congratulations on reaching this stage in the recruitment process and we look forward to meeting you!

Kristen Thornton

Yummy Jobs

It's very exciting to have a location. Even though I knew the date, and that it would be downtown, having an exact location somehow makes it feel very real and cemented down. Does that make sense? Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to wear!! Oh and try to think about some answers to interview-type questions. I know why I want to go back - its my dream coming true all over again, however I don't exactly know how to convey it in so many words without gushing like a big weirdo! haha. We shall do our best and at the end of the day if they want to rehire other people instead of me, I can't do anything about it - as long as I know I did everything I could at the interview.

I'm also excited because we're planning a dinner the night before the interview to meet up with everyone and chat. Sam (my little sister from my first contract!!) is coming over from Victoria so it will be really nice to see her, as well as one of my roommates from my first contract Courtney, and meet everyone else! This dinner before my last interviews really helped to make me a tiny bit less nervous, as walking into a room of familiar faces is always easier than walking into a room of unknowns!

One year ago today I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! I'll try to put together a post about it soon!

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