Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Pre Face to Face Interview

Alright...first of all I did not post the night before because I stayed downtown with my dear friend Sam and they did not have internet. I'm pretty sure it was a sketchy hotel now that I think about it... haha. So I'll start from the beginning ... two days ago...

Thursday !

I've worked at 7am all week this week so it's been early long days. Thursday was no different and I finished work at 3. I walked down the hill to work rather quickly as I had left without my keys that morning (I woke up late...well fell back asleep...and my dear brother Gareth saved me..THANK YOU!) and my sister/bro-in-law were going to work out right when I got home. So as I walked in the door they walked out and I was left to pack my bag, walk the pooch, and head on my way to the bus stop to meet Sam downtown. For someone who lives in Vancouver I rarely go downtown...or anywhere outside of my work, running, friends bubble. I know - not very exciting! So I got downtown, strolled to the HOJO on Granville (aka the cheapest hotel downtown!) and met up with SAM! It was so exciting to see Sam, and it didn't at all feel like it had been nearly a year since I had seen my 'little sister.' We fell right into conversation as if we'd had coffee the day before, and went up to check out our hotel room and wait for Sam's friend Brianna, who was also interviewing, to arrive.
If I were clever I would have taken a picture of our hotel room to show you..but lets just say it was SMALL! But perfect for us :) We had a closet to hang our fancy outfits, a bed to sleep in and a bathroom to shower in. We went for dinner at Red Robins with some of the girls (Bri, Sam, Jodey who was 18 from Calgary, Rodi who was 24 from Coquitlam, and Shannon who was 19 from Red Deer but was going to school in Vanocuver) interviewing the next day. It was nice meeting new people and I really liked them! It was the first time I've been to a restaurant in a very long time so it was exciting!!! I had vegetarian fajitas and they were yummy!!!
After dinner we walked back to the hotel and I chatted with Shannon on our walk. She was really really nice and we discovered we both are big fans of Spring Awakening! It's so exciting! haha. So perhaps if we both get programs we can hit New York and some musicals, or at least some travelling shows when they come through Orlando/Tampa!
Sam and I talked way too much! We couldn't stop catching up and talking about old friends and times. I really didn't think it would happen - clearly I was ridiculous thinking I wouldn't chat chat chat. haha. We also went over our questions and answers we'd been working on and eventually I fell asleep.
6:20 came really soon when Corben Bleu started singing this song to us

Yes, we went all out with our Disney theming! This song played after Illuminations every night during the Celebrate promotion while we were working at Disney World and it was really cute to hear it! We also blow dried, straightened, primped and primed to The Disneyland 50th Anniversary Dreams Come True Fireworks music! I was jammin' ;)
So speaking of 620 coming early....I am catching the 630am ferry tomorrow morning to travel over to beautiful Vancouver Island (aka HOME!) to see my Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Kona and Breeze and my BED!!! .... I love my bed.
Therefore I'm going to leave this one as a cliff hanger and if I have the will power to keep my eyes open I will give a full recount of my interview day during the ferry ride...otherwise I shall share all the dirty details later on in the day! I will do it tomorrow though because if I don't I'll forget!
Here's to a lovely evening..even though it's already 1am, and I shall give you the details and my ridiculous non-stop reliving of every moment tales - tomorrow!

3-4 weeks until I find out if I'm going to Disney World!

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