Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ahh I'm So Behind!!

So to make my excuse quick, we haven't had the internet at home for the last couple of days!! It's one of those things I definitely take for granted - and sadly, feel lost without!! I didn't really realize how much I do on the internet until I didn't have it. Such as blog, creep, livestrong-it-up, track my 1/2 marathon training schedule (thank goodness I wrote it out or I may have missed my 10 mile run today ;) ) and of course my favourite!!

The writer of Peanut Butter Fingers is Julie, who I don't know at all, but she went to the University of Central Florida (which is where I've been accepted), lives in Orlando (which is where I shall live!) and writes about healthy eats and exercise (two of my favourite things!). It's super dorky but I also like when they go places that I've been, it's kind of like seeing your favourite places as part of a TV show. Yup, I'm just that dorky. I thought it was weird at first to read her blog and not know her, but my dear from Alyson turned me on to it and said - "If she didn't want it read by strangers, it wouldn't be on the internet!" So I've missed my creeping ways, and am currently at work early, computer in hand, just so I can update MY blog with this post - and check my email on a full size screen, sometimes the blackberry just doesn't cut it!

So anyways....back to the REAL point of this blog...I recieved this email from Kristen on Friday:

Greetings Kathryn!

Wow… just 1 week to go before the Vancouver Interviews with Walt Disney World! Disney Representatives and Yummy Jobs are so excited to meet you and help you get started on what will be an adventure of a lifetime!

Just to help you feel more comfortable about the interviews, here is a little recap on how the day will go!

On arrival at 845am you will be greeted and signed in. At 9am you will get to meet Jeni and Shandon, from Disney World, and see a presentation all about the program! This presentation will include all the information you will need; it covers everything from housing to job roles, and everything in

between. And there are even some keepsake prizes for a few lucky people! Once the presentation is over you will be assigned an interview time and a have a chance to sit down and chat with the others at the interviews, you never know you could be sharing a room/apartment with one of them!

Once you have your interview, which will probably be one the most fun interviews you will ever have (it’s Disney style!) you are free to go, or stick around to talk to your newly made friends.

Some tips for the day:

Just be yourself, Disney wants to see you! Be excited!

Have all your paperwork ready to go.

And of course…


I look forward to seeing you bright and early next Friday!

Have a Great Day!

Kristen Thornton

Yummy Jobs

Paperwork....yah...about that. My printer is out of ink, so my resume has been printed in a slightly grey colour, think I'll lose points? If I don't get the job we're totally blaming the printer ;) I've been trying to think about answers to possible questions, and have been talking to my good friend (and little sister!) Sam about the interviews quite a bit, as well as all the incredible things we hope to do if we get accepted!

This was my to do list last program:

My friend Matt went through the list at one point and put his name beside all the things he did as well. Although some things will stay the same, such as ride every Disney ride at least once, and see every attraction (except It's Tough to Be a Bug!) and go to Key West.. how could you not want to go somewhere that looks like this:
Yup, that's a REAL PHOTO! Wowzers!

The list will also be a lot different in many ways. I'd love to attend Disney University courses on resume building, interviewing skills, contact building, and Disney history (Maybe I could teach that one ;) ) as well as run the Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon, and the Princess Half Marathon! I would like to go to the Gaylord Palms ICE! show thing, canoe, go horseback riding, do a segway tour, and finally, stay a night at the Polynesian Resort! It was the resort I always really really wanted to stay in, and I stayed in a lot of resorts, but never made it here. I'd also like to go for Tea at the Grand Floridian Resort!
Obviously this is just the beginning of the things I would like to do! There is so much that Disney has to offer it's guests, and as cast members we get an even better deal on most of it! And has much time as we spend taking advantage of it, at some point a lot of it becomes just there, and we rather sleep in or chill and watch TV in the A/C. If I get this second contract I'm going to make a huge priority of exploring every nook and cranny of Walt Disney World and making sure that at the end of the year I can look back and say - hey, I did pretty much everything I wanted to here, and still saved tons o' money ;) (don't worry Mum!!).
The interview is this Friday and I'm totally nervous, anxious and excited! Thursday evening a few interviewees are going for dinner at Red Robins on Robson Street to meet up, chat, share a meal and get our jitters out a bit! It should be nice. I'm still undecided on what I'm going to wear for my interview, which you would think wouldn't be that big a deal, but it is! You have to feel comfortable and like you look good to feel good sometimes ;)
I'm off to work hard now! Have a beautiful day and hopefully the home interview will be working soon :)

4 days 15 hours 3 minutes until my Disney Face to Face Interview!!

(Ps - Hope you loveddd the bold today! It has started out as just the kind of day, when you can't open your mouth without a song jumpin' right out of it...)

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