Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Secrets

I guess they aren't really secrets when I tell you about them...

There are two things that I've been meaning to let out of the bag.  First of all a College Program announcement:

I opted out of housing for my Disney College Program.  I know that housing 'is an important part of the experience,' however I already pay rent and live in Orlando.  Therefore it didn't make sense.  For anyone interested in living outside of Disney Housing (you can't on any of the international programs) the process goes like this:

1. Pay $200 housing fee
2. Email housing (I actually had to do this twice because the first time their inbox was full - oops!)
3. Housing emailed back and asked for my candidate ID, full name, address where I would be living.
4. I responded with the needed information.
5. They approved me!  After completing my first 30 days of the program successfully I will be refunded the $200.  I also found it interesting that I don't get to check in for my program at Vista Way like everyone else, because I opted out of housing I have to check in at casting and they are going to email with further information about it.

I guess this could be considered a secret but it wasn't one of the planned ones... the reason I would be paying double rent if I lived in housing is because I'm moving in with my boyfriend!  Yup, craziness right?!  We pretty much have been co-inhabiting for a while now, and have been paying double rent and maybe going to my actual apartment once every week- two weeks so it's just not making sense financially or logically.  It's a really huge step and something we have spent a lot of time talking about.  I've never lived with a guy before, and I know we are going to have some things to figure out once everything is moved together.  I also know that everyone is different and has different opinions on living with someone before being married (I've been called old-fashioned by 4 different people around this topic!), however for us this makes the most sense and fits us the best.  I'm very excited and think it's going to be great!  It's not our ideal living situation yet, but not everything happens exactly the way you envision it when you're a little girl.  We are taking advantage of the opportunities given to us now to have a better foundation for the future :)  Exciting!  

Okay on to the actual secrets...

I signed up for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November! I'm excited and very, very nervous.  I used to run a lot, and love it.  I don't exactly love it anymore.  I more am excited for it to be over.  Not how you want to feel heading into runs that take a couple hours....

However I'm motivated by both myself and my friends who are in the race as well.  I don't have a time I'd like to run it in, except that I know the faster I finish the more I get to enjoy the Food and Wine After Party at Epcot.  I actually have a bigger goal that this race is a part of.  Don't get me wrong, this is a BIG goal! When I finished my half marathon in 2011 I said I would never do another one.  And here I am gearing up to do it again.  But there is an ultimate goal that has many, many steps along the way.  This is one of them.

Ahhh half marathon! It'll be neat to have completed two! :) I'm glad I have friends who are also training and it's kind of awesome to looking forward to activities that are based around healthiness! Who would have thought he part of the Food and Wine Festival I'm looking forward to the most is running?  The only thing that could trump it is if some certain family members come for a visit!

Secret number two...

I have an amazing boyfriend. That's not the secret.  Okay, it goes like this:

K: Hey babe have you ever been on a cruise?
F: Nope
K: We should go some day, they're so fun and you get an awesome cast member discount.
F: Oh yah? *looks up cast member cruise discounts and options*
F: Look at this one! 14 nights through the panama canal
K: WHAT! So cool!
*Look at cool destinations of cruise.  Tell friends they should all go (I should work in sales) while saying there is no way we can but maybe someday. *

*Re-look up cruise and it's gone.  Full.  Fake fantasy cruise actually gone.*

A month later....

F: Hey Babe, guess what?!
K: What?
F: We're going on a cruise!!

Yup.  he secretly looked it up hoping someone else would cancel or not pay, and magical found a spot. AND he got an unbelievable deal!!! Think two week cruise with all your food and entertainment and everything for about the same price as one night at the Grand Floridian! (Well two nights, because there are two of us!) But still...isn't that insane?!!!!

I couldn't believe him.  I can't believe him still.  I can't believe it's real.  Who just goes "Hey babe I bought you a cruise..and it's two weeks long" ?!!!?!  This guy apparently.  Have a mentioned I really love him?? lol.  We even watched the cruise DVD, and looked into all the features and things that happen and ports and I still can't believe it's real.  I don't think it'll hit me until we board in Miami and take off.

But wait, there's MORE! One of the reasons this cruise had such a crazy cast price is because it's a repositioning cruise, meaning the ship is being moved from it's winter departure port to it's summer departure port.  So it's not a roundtrip.  We leave from Miami, and dock in Los Angeles!!! Which means...yup.. PANAMA CANAL!!!

And just when you thought the world couldn't get better... My Grandparents, being the most fantastically AMAZING grandparents on the planet, gave us a resort in ANAHEIM for my birthday which means... DISNEYLAND!!!! DISNEYLAND!!! DISNEYLAND!!! Did I mention I'm going to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!


I'm a little excited.  Also... flight from Santa Ana, Orange County to Orlando? $150 dollars.  How is this even possible? We can use Francel's main gate so we aren't paying for park tickets. It's like all the stars in all the universe aligned.

I almost forgot... The cruise leaves May 6th.  A week after my exams end for the semester.  Two days after my birthday, we arrive back a week before Francel's birthday (double birthday?).  And two days after Francel's birthday my College Program starts.  The whole thing magically fits together perfectly.

It's things like this

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Kirsten Sheehan said...

Hey Kate! My name is Kirsti and I just got into the College Program for the concierge role as well! I have a quick question: I see that you opted out of housing and were granted that. I currently live in Orlando and I need to follow these steps as well. Do you happen to remember the housing email so I can contact them? Thank you so much! Your blog is really interesting and extremely helpful for a future CP :)

Best wishes,