Friday, March 15, 2013


This morning while having a casual Friday lay in (veggie omelets! YUM) I picked up my phone to check my messages and came across an email from Disney. I opened it and....

Dear Kate,
You have been selected to participate in the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World® Resort! This is a valuable résumé-enhancing experience for all students, and we are proud to offer this opportunity to you.
You can find out additional details regarding your offer, including your role and program season, by following the instructions below. You must complete all three steps listed below in order to fully accept your offer.
I got accepted into the College Program! We were having such a laid back morning it took me a moment to actually realize what I was reading! I freaked out and told Francel! Then I had to know what position they were offering!  I had said I would do a bunch of different roles, so I impatiently opened the email on my computer and freaked out in excitement again... 
Dear Kathryn,
Congratulations! On behalf of Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., which is part of a business segment we call Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we are pleased to let you know that you have been selected to participate as a/an Concierge cast member on the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World ® Resort for the Fall Advantage 2013 season. This is a valuable résumé-enhancing experience for all students, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to you! This program will allow you to gain academically-oriented work experience - the kind that provides participants in any major with the tools they need to compete effectively in today's job market.
Please review your major responsibilities below:
Responsibilities may include completing check in/check out process for concierge club-level guests by inputting and retrieving information from resort computer system; proactively greeting guests, exhibiting the expected high level of Disney show quality, often times interacting with VIP's, celebrities, and executives; creating individualized ticket packages; being comfortable in a strong sales environment; making reservations and handling any special requests from guests; handling cash and other forms of payment, including foreign currencies exchange; maintaining cleanliness of common guest living/dining areas within concierge club-level; assisting with luggage and other deliveries to guest rooms; working concierge buffet line which can include maintaining overall cleanliness of buffet area and replenishing food, washing dishes, serving alcohol, maintaining inventory of liquor, and partnering with culinary team to ensure food quantity; partnering with property VIP tour guides. 
CONCIERGE!!!! I can't quite believe it's real still! Concierge was definitely my top choice! I can't believe I'm going to be doing a Disney College Program! 
Step one was accepting the offer, then paying program fees.  I am planning on opting out of housing (that's a whole other post :) ) but still had to pay a housing fee.  Once they approve of me not living in housing, then I have to work in the program for a month, then I'll get the fees back.  There is also a $100 program fee and a $4.50 processing fee.  Bye Money! Hello Disney!
Step three was my arrival date!!
JUNE 3RD, 2013!!! I start June 3rd!!! June 3rd until January 3rd 2014!!!
I can't believe this is real!
It also will count as my internship for my degree and I'll be able to go to school during the fall still of course! It's so exciting.  I'm on cloud 9 :)
I don't get to know which resort I'll be in until my start date.  Of course I'd like a deluxe because they have club levels and I'd get to deal with the club lounge and such, but any resort will be incredible! It's just so neat to think that I'll be working for Disney somewhere other than Canada!!! I LOVE Canada (the pavilion and actual country) but as I can't be a server at Le Cells, the fact that I can work somewhere else is SOOOO COOL! And my name tag will say my university instead of my hometown.  Kind of neat! Costuming will be somewhere else! I won't have Discovery Day! Gosh, it'll be so different!
I love that I get to go to Traditions again too!!! I LOVE Traditions! It's so magical! 
So my day has been full of excitedly tell my family then friends then the world! I'm going to be a cast member again! I get to go to the parks! I'm SO excited!!!!!!

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