Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clodagh was born! Arriving in Orlando...DC11!

April 7th, 2011

Clodagh was born today at 3:04am PST!!! SOOOOOO EXCITING I'M AN AUNTIE!!! She is beautiful, healthy and incredible :)

We left Alabama pretty early as we were really excited to get to Orlando!! We headed south east and found this

We stopped in Tallahassee to take a look around Florida State University (Go Seminoles!) which was beautiful! The campus was gorgeous and even though we just drove around it had a really good feel. 

Pretty Florida Swamps

Then since we made my stop in Tallahassee we headed down to Gator Country for Ashley's stop in Gainesville! 

It was also a pretty campus and had some really cool trees with some moss type stuff hanging off of them (they're the spooky looking trees around the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Hollywood Studios!).  

Then we made our way closer and closer to Orlando! I was super excited when I saw this billboard:

and eventually this sign:

YAY!! We made it!!!

We rolled up to our friends Kristin and Oscar's house around 5pm! Kristin was actually napping when we first knocked, but Ashley awoke her with her fantastic doorbell skills and we hung out by the pool for a while meeting and remeeting their other roommates! Then we ventured down to Downtown Disney and walked around, then found the most delicious slushie drinks at the Hole in the Wall outdoor pub and watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks over the trees from a bench in the evening heat. It was amazing.  Then we picked up Oscar from work and got to see some other familiar faces which was fun :) Then we headed back and crashed!

Disney Challenge Day 11: Favourite Love Song

This one is easy...

I'm not going to analyse it, or think to hard about it. This song and scene are so nice and it's my favourite love song. Although Beauty and the Beast is of course amazing and Belle Notte from Lady and the Tramp. I'm going to throw this video up as well:

and this one from Enchanted is nice as well:

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