Monday, November 17, 2008

Not exactly WDW related...

So today my dad and I booked a vacation to Disneyland! I'm really excited. We're going down the 28th and coming back december 6th. Our flights are kind of crazy but it should be fun, as long as the California fires are in control and the winds aren't blowing crazy smoke everywhere. I can't believe that is all happening. But I'm excited to go, it will be a nice escape, and an amazing prelude to my year in Florida. One of my friends from home is trying out for the careerstart program, so she might be going to Florida sometime this year too! How crazy would that be? Let's wish her luck, and I'll update after the trip with some fabulous news from favourite park:)
8 days until Disneyland!
125 days until Walt Disney World!

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Anonymous said...

uh oh for the fires...hope you have fun! and thats cool about your friend!