Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This and That

Disneyland - So this week has been amazing. I know this may sound crazy, but I hadn't been to a disney park in about 3 years and i was worried that maybe i wouldn't love it as much..but i do! I really really really truly do. I could go every single day and just ride random things and people watch: the little kids in their princess dresses, the funny family dynamics (stressy parents vs. chill parents), fanny pack wearers, those big groups that all wear the same them! haha The other day we were in downtown disney and the fireworks started. This littl girl was so excited and exclaimed to her mum that 'it was the best day of her whole life!' That's what makes it all amazing.

Florida News - My friend just heard that she got into CareerStart! She's going down february 11th, so that's exciting! It's cool there will be another person down there from my hometown. She's American, as she can do careerstart, and will likely be in either chatham or vista, but it'll be cool still to have a little bit of home in Florida. She's only down until August though, but all the same I'm excited about it!

I found a cool countdown so heres the breakdown until Florida:
110 days
2652 hours
159166 minutes
9549992 seconds


I'll most likely post some pics and more random things from Disneyland once I leave.
We bought 5 days and were here for 10 so we thought maybe we'd get one more day if it wasn't too expensive, so we checked the price with a really ncie lady at the ticket booth and it was only $5 for an extra day! So we got 2. 2 extra days for $10! Yeeyahhh 7 day park hopper.
I love Disney...

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