Friday, May 13, 2011

Trip To Orlando and Orientation Day 1

The flight from Vancouver went well. I was sitting in the bulk head (front? Right behind the rich people where they constantly were making sure the see-through curtain was closed?) which meant no where to put my bags..but more leg room! The two men beside me were talking a lot to each other about the most bizarre things.  The middle gentlemen was older and had packed sooo many snacks! It was pretty cute!  He offered me nut mix and those little cheese and cracker kits with the red sticks? I took some nut mix because he wouldn't take no for an answer. I know I know, never take food from strangers, he did offer candy at one point even…The older gentlemen was also from Victoria and use to vacation in Comox at a cabin with his family when he was young. He now lives in Vancouver. Usually I really don't like talking to people on flights but this guy was pretty nice.  Plus I only talked to him once I had to take off my headphones. 
The Phoenix to Orlando leg was about 4 hours.  I was in the same row but the other side of the aisle and there was so middle person to that was nice. I just slept a bit and read. 

Stepping off the plane in Orlando always feels so good. The rush of humidity and warmth that hits you is only second to landing in Hawaii, because they also have the incredible smell of tropical flowers.

Trips to Orlando only seem real once I get on the monorail (sky train? Tram? I’m not even sure what they call it at the airport), its when I feel like I’ve really arrived. Although walking out to a Harry Potter Universal Store, a Sea World Store and of course, A Disney Store also helps.  Luggage took a bit of time and then I went downstairs and outside to catch the shuttle to Payless Car Rentals!  I’ve never rented from them before (I’ve done Budget a few times and Dollar) but they were a lot cheaper than the other ones because it was off airport property so they were the choice of the day.  When myself and a few other younger people got on the shuttle the driver made sure we know where we were going, and another lady said I should be flattered I don’t look old enough to rent a car…. It was kind of awkward. Haha
The rental lady was super nice though and the process was easy for pick up.  I’ll let you know if there were any secret evil fees or anything when I return it tomorrow night!!
I drove away in my beauty Kia Forte SX 
It's a pretty decent car! Vroooooom!
 and headed for Downtown Disney!  I am staying with my dear friend (and old manager Yelitza) until Sunday morning when I move into housing! However she didn’t get off work until 1230am so I went to DTD for a little stroll about and to see Water for Elephants!  I bought the book after the love of my life this nice guy I met in Winnipeg when I was blizzarded (it’s a word…) in recommended it.  It was an amazing book, I, just like him, couldn’t put it down!! I would highly recommend it to any and everyone, and if I hadn’t given my copy to my Mum I would have given it to you!  The movie was pretty good, although they changed a few details…like cutting out the guy who actually ran and owned the circus Al I believe his name is…but overall it was good.  The book was leaps and bounds better, but I dare you to tell me a movie that is better than the book it’s based on.
Yelitza and I from my Disney Grad!

After the movie I headed over to Yelitza’s and after a little mix up on apartments (whoops!) we chatted a bit and headed to bed. It was a long travelling day!!

Wednesday I just used as a day to get things together. I had a great catch up with Yelitza before heading out and getting a cell phone organized. I also went to UCF to drop off proof of health insurance so they would take their block off my account.  I walked around a bit and the excitement crept through me again! I couldn’t stop smiling thinking this is all real.  I also checked out the exact building I’ll be living in. Looks like typical residence, it’s only 6 weeks, I’m not worried!  I met up with Ashley later on and it was a bit surreal being signed into the Commons! We caught up for a bit and then went to Oscar and Kristin’s (where we stayed on our road trip) and picked up my suitcase! It was sooo nice to have clothes again! My suitcase I just brought down was pretty much all bedding and towels so it’s nice to have something to wear.  Ashley is spieling her menu this week so she was practising in the car.  Some of the meals are the same as when I was here before (besides the obviously cheese soup) so that’s pretty nice, some of it was coming back to me!  I’m going to try and steal a menu off Ash before I head back to Canada pre-Disney post-school to study study study!

Today I had International Student Orientation!  I arrived around 830, signed in and we started at 9am.  The people who put on the presentation were really friendly and actually made boring visa/immigration/taxes information seem interesting.  We played a few games including Jeopardy!  The lady asked if anyone had watched the show before and I said yes, as I thought everyone had, but I was the only one! That made my team (our table) decide to name our team Team Kate which added no pressure at all. Haha. Luckily we ended up winning due to pure genius on our part and I didn’t let down my fellow Canadian, Alex Trebek.  We won a UCF USB 2GB stick so that was pretty sweet. We played Bingo at one point too but I didn’t win which was sad because the prize was a cool UCF penchant for the wall…and we all know how I enjoy branding myself with whatever I’m doing at that point. Haha. See I can be honest about it.

I whipped back to the apartment to see Yelitza before work and then went suntanning at the Polynesian!  I wanted soo badly to go to a park, but I feel too guilty asking a friend to use their main gate (except Ashley who offered once she gets hers and I’m sooo excited!), so instead of a park to feed my Disney itch I parked at the Polynesian and walked around.  It was a beautiful day, there were tons of kids in the pool splashing around and dancing with a lifeguard, parents and drinks everywhere.  I borrowed a few towels and went to the secret beach on the side of the Polynesian. It’s the greatest beach on property and so under utilized. I use to go here a bunch on my last contract and there were never people there.  As I was laying out Dream Along with Mickey could be heard over the Seven Seas Lagoon, it was pretty great.   I even fell asleep for a little cat nap under the shade of a few big leafy tree bushes! I strolled around the shops at the resort checking everything out (I think I found a birthday present for my Dad! And a dress I could wear to two of my weddings this summer!) and then made the best decision ever…and got Dole Whip!!! So far this vegan thing is a total fail not going as well as planned, however I made it very clear from the start that Dole Whip resides above everything else in the food pyramid.  I also may have checked out the other MK resorts a bit J I miss Disney World.

Tomorrow morning I have regular new student orientation at UCF and I should be registered for classes by the end (thank goodness!).

Check this picture out:
The quality isn't too good...but I think you get it.


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