Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is why Running is Disney Related!

I have never been a huge runner...until now. Over the past few months I've somewhat fallen head of heels in love. They say you fall in love when you're least expecting it..and that seems to be what has happened. Some days it feels amazing and as if I could run forever, and some days, like today, that last mile is ridiculously hard! 2 days ago I had a fantastic run, where all the songs hit at the perfect times and once I finished my 5 mile run (just over 8km) I thought why not run one more, and then I ran the rest of the way home so it ended up being about 6.75 miles (10.86km) and I was tired afterwards! The last two days have been tougher and I've done 5 miles each day. All of this started when I heard one of the guys I worked with my first go around was running the 2010 Disney Marathon. I thought that was so cool, and as I had always secretly wanted to run a marathon at some point made the decision that I would run the 2012 Disney Marathon, and now it's less than a year away! I've always been sporty but not necessarily very fit. This year is the year though, as I don't really have a choice! I start a running clinic every Tuesday evening on the 25th for 12 weeks leading up to my first official run - The Vancouver Sun Run on April 17th! I just found a 8km or half marathon that happens on May 1st, however the original plan was to run the Scotiabank Half Marathon June 26th - so we shall see!
If I get to be in Florida by October I'm hoping to do the Epcot Food and Wine Half Marathon then! And then the grande finale - the 2012 Disney Marathon taking place the first weekend of January, the 6-8th!
I hope that whoever reads this, besides my family, doesn't mind that I'm blogging a bit about running in between hearing from Kristen at Yummy Jobs, and the Face to face interviews, but I need some distraction or I'll go stir crazy! My friend Ali from my first contract emailed Kristen and she still hasn't heard any news from Disney as to when the interviews will take place, which means we're all in the dark still too!
I'm sooo nervous and excited to hear about the face to face interviews and actually have them happen! It's so frustrating having to wait wait wait... maybe running will teach me some patience?
Until next time... if any of you are in Florida here is one of my best tips: Rent boats from one of the resorts on the Seven Seas Lagoons!!! You get a cast member discount (if you're a cast member of course) and even if you aren't they are soo much fun, especially on a sunny day! When I went we rented the 2 seater kinda of speed boats, and I'd never driven a boat before, but we each got one, and after initially being freaked out, it was INCREDIBLE! Zooming around the water, with the castle in the background, the beautiful wilderness lodge, the Floridian, it was great! If you ever get the chance...DO IT! :)

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