Monday, January 17, 2011

2 more weeks...


We hope you had a great holiday season and are excited for the upcoming Walt Disney World interviews! Yummy Jobs is excited to be getting closer to the finalization of our upcoming interviews with Walt Disney World in Canada. More information regarding the locations and the exact dates should be confirmed in the next 2 weeks! We are anticipating interviews to be held between February 25- March 4, but will have the 100% confirmation of the cities and each date very shortly.

Please do keep an eye on your emails, and should your email address change please do contact me to let me know.

These interviews will be for arrival dates on the Cultural Representative Program that will start primarily between July and December 2010, lasting for one year from the time you arrive Orlando. If your situation has changed and you are no longer able to participate in this program, please do let us know so we can ensure that you are eligible to be considered for future programs!

We look forward to sending you more information as we have it!

Have a Great day!

Kristen Thornton
Yummy Jobs

Not exactly what I was expecting when I opened the email, but at least there is a time frame now! And at least it's at the beginning of March not the end! I'm so excited/nervous for the interviews and just really want them to take place already!! I want to know one way or the other haha. So we shall wait, 2 more weeks, and hopefully know the interview date sooner than later. At least I don't have to travel anywhere for the interview...that would drive me nuts because flights are just getting more and more expensive! Until next time....

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