Monday, January 24, 2011

August 2009? Yup! It's Daytona Beach!!

TWO posts in ONE day says you?!! YES says I!!! And here is why: I feel like I majorly failed in the second half of my program updating my blog. So I'm going to between now and my face to face interview and perhaps beyond throw a bunch of photos and words at you about the middle-end of my program. We're going to go back to August 2009 and begin with when my darling friend Amy and her mum Lisa came to visit from home! We went to Daytona together!! It was so much fun - and HOT!

First off Amy and her Mum stayed at Disney's Pop Century. Each of the buildings is themed after a different decade and has intensely huge oversized 'things' to do with that decade.

We went to the parks for a few days, I worked most days so didn't really get to hang out too much during the Disney portion of the trip, except I got to eat with them at Coral Reef and Le Cellier. Amy and I were talking about this the other day and I think there may be one other restaurant I went to with them, but I don't remember! Sorry!! I do remember Lisa not liking how little recycling there seemed to be at the Disney parks though! :)

I kissed a girl and I liked it, taste of her cherry chapstick! hehehe Oh Mrs. Potato Head.

So after a few days at Disney we set off to Daytona Beach!!!

While we were there we drove past where they hold the Daytona 500

We went for a walk one of the days and got terribly lost. It was kind of frightening in some parts, this place freaked me out :

Buck's Gun Rack. They had a sale on Gun Safes at delivery!
We walked way into Daytona, past a bunch of somewhat run down residential neighbourhoods, a church on every corner, the Daytona College, and eventually found a bus stop outside of a hospital. And it was insanely HOT OUTSIDE!! I thought I was going to melt into the cement. That's why it was great when we got back to our hotel...this is the view from our room:

Not too bad to wake up to every day! The only thing separating us from the beach? The Pool!

So after Daytona I covered the fall pretty well in my January 2010 post. It involved a lot of working, dinners out, a trip to Miami, a few trips to Tampa, a trip to the Bahamas on a Disney Cruise, and a trip to Toronto to visit my family! My next post I'll throw some random pics from throughout this time up, and then move on to my Aunt's (and sister Carrie's!!) visit to Disney World for the first time, and then we'll cover Boston and Mardi Gras before my last week on the job! Sorry for all the backtracking and jumping around, we'll figure it all out, get totally caught up and hopefully have some exciting things to post about in February/March!

31 Days 8 hours and 40 minutes until my Disney Face to Face Interview!

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