Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary

True love. I believe in it. Why? Because I see the way my grandparents look at each other even after all these years. There love for one another has been an inspiration for me for years, so much so that when I lived at home I had their pictures and wedding announcement framed on my bedside table. 
I've believed in fairy tales my whole life and always had an overacting imagination. However watching what my Grandma and Grandpa have been thorough together and done for one another, and still say all the time how they love each other more each day? You don't need fairy tales when you have the real deal unfolding in front of your eyes. 
They share so much love between the two of them, that it radiates off them and ripples through their actions towards family and friends. 
My grandparents will do anything to help their family, and I for one would not be able to follow my dreams without them. Thy inspire me in so many ways and I'm just unbelievably grateful for their support and their example of not just how to foster a lasting relationship but in how to be an outstanding person. 
Although I'm far away, you two are always in my thoughts and guiding me through my days. Happy Anniversary (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!) and here's to many more incredible years together. From coast to coast you are loved and appreciated. 

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