Friday, April 19, 2013


I have been crazy busy with school lately.  Pretty much just all the time school. School. School. School.

Which is good! That's what I'm here for.  However it has left my brain drained and my time gone, therefore there hasn't been much time to update the blog.

Nut shell of activity:

-I have my last day of class on Monday!! Then I have two exams on Wednesday and two exams the following Monday!
-Next weekend Francel is going to New York City for his Mum's graduation from culinary school - it's awesome!
-The weekend after that I turn 24 years old!! ahh!!
-That same weekend we leave on the Sunday for Miami because...
-Monday is our cruise!!!

Between myself and the cruise however, is a 15-20 page English paper and presentation of my findings, an english portfolio of all my work and assignments, a 4 page hand written essay on the Gap theory in service, four chapters of review and an exam in lodging! This past week I had two presentations and an extra class for my summer internship.

I am very excited to finally be done my english courses.  You have to take two classes/one year of english as part of the general eduation requirements for graduation, and I'm almost done! My professor was actually really great, very kind and helpful, but it's just not my favourite thing.  Also I chose to write about media sensationalism this semester because I thought it was a broad topic with lots of information, and it is, but it is also draining because it's very sad and hard to read sometimes.  I'm a pretty positive person, I find it hard to focus for a long time on unhappy situations.

Wednesday was a pretty stressful day, after a very stressful week, so it was exciting to just take a day and enjoy ourselves yesterday!  Francel made us breakfast before we headed to Universal Studios!!! It was super busy, but such a blast! We were able to get on most rides within 10-15 minutes, and went to both parks.  I'd been craving a ride on ET lately, so we definitely did that.  We have been watching the Back to the Future Trilogy lately so it was fun to come across Doc Brown, the dolorian and the train engine!! I have so much fun with Francel no matter what we do, it's just so relaxing and we laugh so much.  It was the best destressor and now I'm ready to study and work my butt off all weekend!!

Speaking of which, I have to get to work!! We're setting up for buybacks and graduation next week!
Once this rush is over I'll have lots more updates! I've been reading a bit about concierge lately and I'm so excited to share what I've learned!!

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