Sunday, January 27, 2013


How do you sum up the affect someone can have on you in a way that is articulate, and honest while truly portraying how you feel without being overly cheesy? It hits me at random moments the things that I love about them. The one today that stopped me in my racing mind of thoughts was the way he reads off numbers. How bizarrely random is that? But since he was grossly sick this weekend (spoiler alert for how I spent my weekend), he listed off numbers on the phone every morning. I somewhat noticed the infliction in the way he dictated the numbers. Last night when he was reading off a confirmation number for my sister's upcoming trip it entered the forefront of my mind for a moment and a faint smile crossed my face before my mind started spinning again. Then today, waiting for class to start, it appeared out of nowhere. I sent a quick message saying when I would be done, and then I thought to myself. I love the way his voice sounds when he tells people numbers. It's the tone, the groupings, the way it sounds so friendly whether he's sick or smiling. It's part of a greater love I feel for him, and I know it's a random small thing. A bizarre point to pick up on. Maybe I'm in that stage of love where everything is cute and everything is wonderful, but it doesn't feel like that. It feels like I really just appreciate the random ins and outs of this person. And this is just another tiny part of the billions of little things that all together create their being.

This was today's random realization, or actualization of our relationship. He probably doesn't even hear himself doing it. But it makes him who he is, and I like it. I do realize that entire thought pattern was extremely cheesy, but it was also honest. Are their things that aren't as cute and cuddly? Yes. But we can discuss them and have everything out in the open. More than anything this relationship has taught me how important it is to be honest. Or the relationships around us and behind us have made going into this one being open and honest a necessity. Which then circles back to how cheesily happy I feel that we can be honest with each other.

I started this post with Valentines Day in mind. A holiday created to quantify your love for your significant other through gifts or experiences. How do you put how you feel into a gift? Maybe that's why I always put so much emphasis on cards. I know it's important to show how you feel, but you do that everyday in your actions and daily life. I like cards because sometimes it's nice to have a blatant reminder you can read over and over of how much you mean and how greatly appreciated your commitment to one another is.  It's still a couple weeks off, which is good, because I haven't got a clue what to do.

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