Monday, September 24, 2012


For a whole year.  You may not be aware of this because I'm probably the world's worst blogger.  However I am somewhat of an amazing taker of photographs with my telephone.  This being said I don't have a computer of my own currently. So herein lies the problem.  I would love to post all these incredible photos as it is a lot easier for me to update you with photo updates than with all these silly words in a huge block of letters....

...I am in the midst of receiving a computer.  My friend has an old one and for however much it costs to get all of his stuff off of it I'm going to have it. Yay! However it's a wee bit of a process. So just a bit more patience... if I even have readers anymore.

I'm also going to be diversifying the blog a little bit.  Obviously I love Disney and Disney World and I live about 10 minutes from it and frequent it often.  However I'm not a cast member anymore.  I do however have many incredible friends who are that allow me the privilege of going all the time! I also have a SeaWorld pass (Sorry Carrie) until the end of the year and a Universal pass until next November.  In general I'm going to broaden my Orlando view point a little bit.  I also am attending this little thing called University! and will be talking about that a bit as well.

So we can look forward to some future posts about:

  • I'm done a lot of dining out so we're going to do some restaurant reviews both on property and off.
  • Updates on Harry Potter World expansions
  • Updates on Fantasyland Expansions (yes I've done the Enchanted Storytime with Belle that is in test phases/soft opening) 
    • Updates on the Beauty and the Beast Restaurant (I bet I knew about the alcohol being served there before you did...and that it's only beer and wine and 3 of the bottles are over $17/glass. And it was Tom Staggs idea!)
  • Interesting things I learned in class today: Such as why Burger King started advertising with that creepy King mascot. 
  • Running!!! You got it, Kate is getting back into the world of running in circles. And since I've become a stagnant non-mover it's going to be ROUGH and SWEATY (thank you 80-90 degree weather) and we're going to suffer through it together!
  • I have an intense love of PINTEREST look at my pinterest, follow it, love it!
  • Random photos of random fun/awkward/hilarious (to me) things!
  • Super deep thought provoking posts which cause my family alarm. (Just Kidding! I'm honestly doing awesome, self reflection is wonderful ;) )

So in general...anything I want that fits into these subcategories of my life:

  1. Parks/Orlando
  2. Ramblings
  3. Dining
  4. Health
  5. Learning

And of course the Bucket List! Which will be expanding to include so many more things. Like hot air balloon, who doesn't want to go hot air ballooning?!

(This post obviously falls into 'Ramblings' in case you couldn't tell ;) )

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