Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random random random...

So I got really really excited today because I thought it was 50 days until I started all day! and I told a bunch of people. Then I realized it's actually 50 days until I fly out to Toronto, and 57 until I actually get to Florida. Which is still exciting, however the nerves are somewhat starting to sink in. Or not nerves, but homesickness even though I haven't left yet? I've lived away from home before of course but it seems different. I was at my grandparents today hanging out with my Grandma having hilarious girl talk and it just hit me how much I'm going to miss getting to just pop over there and hang out, have dinner, watch random odd television and talk. And it of course then made me think of how much I'm going to miss my parents (lets not even get started on my sisters!). We're just all really close. It's a really big time of change for everyone as well, and it just seems like everything will be so different. It's like they should stay the same while I go away, but of course they can't. So it's homesickness before I've even left! However my fam is so supportive and they are all going to come and visit and we'll talk constantly and I'm sure I'll be soo busy most of the time they'll be getting annoyed at me for not keeping in contact well enough! 50 days! or 57. I just read Heather's blog and she had a lovely to do list so I'm going to steal her genius and pop one up too!
But before that here's a little lookies at my schedule for the next couple weekends (mainly so I can see that there will be good things inbetween the shifts at my current job!
Jan. 23 - Went to Shane Philips with Holly and Co. It was awesome!
Jan. 31 - Going to Kuba Oms!!!! Soooo excited! He's unreal!! same crew:)
Feb. 6/7/8 - Victoria!!! to see Carebear, Emmers, Pye-o, Amers, Jackoff and the rest of the fabulous ppl in Vic.
fEB. 13 - Caylen's going to Europe leaving yet sad! we won't see each other for ever!
Feb. 20/21/22 - Vancouver! to see Kim and Gareth and Lily and Gareth's brother visiting from the UK!! How cool?!
March 1 - Goodbye Dinner with Nik, Bill and Erica
March 6/7/8 - Vic Weekend..i think! (and celebrating Amy's 20th!)
March 11 - LAST DAY OF WORK! (if i have my way...)
March 12/13/14/15 - array of packing, hysteria, goodbyes, good food and lovely friends & family

Now everyone should be able to sufficiently stalk me. not too long now:)


Heather said...

Dont worry Kate I have been feeling the homesickness as well. Missing the little things. My dogs! Not having a pet in Orlando is going to be sooo weird. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats so I am always followed around by some animal. But it is nice to know that everyone has been saying we become a family overthere and we all feel homesick so we help eachother get through it.

Anonymous said...

wow kate, such a busy schedule... hopefully you leave a little time to relax before you go! Im so excited for you to come visit, and to go visit you in disneyworld! And don't worry, I will harass you with phone calls so much that you will be avoiding them in no you.