Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying Away in an Airplane..

I booked my flights! I actually booked them back on january 9th. I'm flying from Comox thru Calgary to Toronto on March 16th, staying in Ontario for a week, and fly on WestJet to Orlando on March 24th getting in at 1:20pm! and here's the really cool part - Heather is on my flight! I met her at the interviews and we actually sat together throughout the presentation. So we're going down together and will hopefully be in the same complex (come on commons!). She's over 21 so we won't be living together, plus we'll have more roommates which means more people to meet!
Other than that not too much has been going on, I emailed my flight info to Kristen and Disney and Disney emailed back saying I'd be getting emails from them throughout March. Sweet. I've started working at my old job I had this past summer as a cashier at a grocery store. The people are nice but I haven't told them that I'm leaving in 58 days (yay!) because they probably wouldn't have hired me for such a short time. It's hard though because all I ever can think about is Florida and I can't say anything about it for 8 hours a day! and old friends/parents/teachers I knew in high school keep coming in and asking what I'm up to and I so much want to tell them I'm moving and I can't because there is usually a co-worker about. It'll be sooo nice once the secret is out!

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