Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm not too fond of this waiting thing...

So I obviously haven't heard anything back yet, but i've been keeping up to date with my board reading on wdwip and it's exciting to see some other Canadians sending in their resumes and getting emails saying only 4-6 weeks now! yay! i'm definately hoping for the 4 weeks, as waiting is driving me crazy. i can't lie..sometimes when i can't sleep or i'm driving up and down the island i try and practise figuring out what i'm going to say to the questions. haha. really dorky aren't i? but i'm so excited! i've been wanting this for so long and it's just totally cool to think that half a eyar from now i could be packing and actually heading down there. Ive just picked my classes for my second year of uni and have all half year classes incase i have to stop and go to florida in feb as hoped!! it's just crazzyyy to even think about. This fellow from work who is also a huge disney geek (i've never met one before, it was so exciting!) anyways he keeps saying oh you'll get in and of course they'll accept you and him and his fiancee are booking a trip down there around that time so how cool would it be if i was there working and they visited?! my first group of friends coming downf or a visit already! and he would die for all the sick behind the scenes things and my amazing name tag. i'm pretty pumped to see my naem on one of those name tags - talk about the best feeling ever! haha. so anyways i shall be on my way, i just wanted to let you know how completely excited I am!!!! though you already knew that didn't you? :)

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