Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To all who come to this happy place...Welcome!

Hey there! So i originally started my blog on June 11th under a different site name. However i then realized where i got the brilliant name for my site - from someone who was already on the program! So not wanting to step on any toes I've decided to change it, so here is my original posting from June 11th, 2008, a quick Intro to me!! :

Hello! My name is Kate and I love disney. there I said it. now everyone knows the truth. When I was 4 years old and first visited Disneyland i decided i was going to live there. unfortuantely at an age a bit older i found out that in fact just because Walt had an apartment there, doesn't mean i could. Then when i was 12 years old i went to Florida for the first (and only so far) time with my Mum. We met a cast member in the Canada pavillion at Epcot from Nanaimo, a town 45 minutes from my own and she told us all about the incredible job she had down there through the cultural representative programme. i knew i was meant for the job ever since, and now it's finally become time for me to apply. I'm so excited! About a week ago i sent in my resume and cover letter and heard back that they recieved my email, and i would hear further about the application process in 8-10 weeks!!! 8-10 weeks!!! that's FOREVER from now!!!!! i think about it all the time and i just wish they would message me soon. i even have it mark on the calendar when about they are suppose to email me again. those will be super intense weeks. So really i plan to use this space mainly once i'm in florida to update everyone on the amazing adventures of being a cast member, however i thought the whole application process might be cool too. So i hope all is well, and sorry if it's a while before my next post, things will pick up when i start to hear things from the mouse:)

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