Sunday, September 25, 2011

Note to self: The further behind you get the harder it is to catch up! Yikes! Sorry Crew! Please hang in there with me, I'll do better!
To start I want to wish my Grandma a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My Grandma is absolutely incredible and we share a very special bond, so it is especially hard to be away for such an important event.  It also happens to be my Auntie Barb's birthday today as well (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) as well as my Grandma and Grandpa's Anniversary!!! (Can you imagine the celebration buttons?!)  I hope there is plenty of happiness, love, laughter, joy and fun going around today in your honour!

A picture update:

One of our managers does wine seminars in the mornings every few weeks and they are so much fun! You get to learn about the wines we sell, their tasting profile, aromas, legs, all those things. After wine class JS, Camille, Gabrielle, Tamara, Kyle and I ate lunch at Le Cellier!
Gabrielle and Camille...twins!

We were celebrating JS's anniversary with himself...hahaa

Anniversary Champagne!
 My first couple weeks were fine but I didn't feel very comfortable in my apartment so I requested to move to Patterson Court from the Commons.  The Commons are fun but somewhat old and dirty.  Patterson is much newer, cleaner and feels far more like a home.
I have tooooo much stuff!

Commons apartment.
 My Patterson apartment is amazing.  My roommates are amazing. Life is amazing.
My roommates are from the UK.  Anna is in food and beverage at the Rose and Crown, Charlotte is HRC (Historical Research Centre..they do heritage etc), and Niamh is in merchandise.  Niamh is who I room with :)
We all hang out, cook together, watch shows/movies, help each other out, dance and have a blast!
I'm super heartbroken because Niamh's contract is up in 2 weeks!

Chelsea and I went to universal with my friend Cale when he was here visiting!
.25 cent I-Trolley ride!!! Yay!

Cale was super excited for Harry Potter World!

Chelsea was picked by Olivander to have her wand chosen in front of everyone!

Cutest picture ever.

Our owl twins!

Chelsea, the Conductor and I.  My eyes are closed.

Cale et moi! We rode the Hogwarts ride but it broken down while we were in a screen! It was bizarre,
but we got to ride again! Yay!

It's true...

Lucy? really?

My homegirl Marilyn

 Chelsea, Kyle and I had planned a great adventure because we all finally had a day off together.  Then Kyle got into food running and didn't have the day off anymore.  Being a nice guy he still leant Chelsea and I his car which was soo exciting! haha. Chels, JS and I went to see the Lion King 3D at the dine in theatre.  The seats are super comfy and huge, the food is yummy and not overly priced.  It was sooo much fun! The Lion King of course made me cry like a baby.  So much fun.  After the movie we picked up Kim and Phil and went to the Mall of Millenia!
We had some cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory!

So much deliciousness! 
We shopped around a little bit and then headed home.  Chels, Kim and I did a wal mart run and then took hours trying to fix my silly phone! While I was waiting for my phone, Kim and Chelsea surprised me with an get spray tans!

So I've never had a spray tan before...and I was kind of way freaked out about it.  But it's the healthiest way to get a tan (sun+tanning bed=cancer) so we went for it.  It was kind of hilarious but made me super stoked! I love it! hahaha Don't tell anyone my secret though...

After the tans we had a Throw in for the new Canadians! I did the International Program Greeter part with Megan! We just told all the new girls about the program, how things are here, about their future jobs and things like that.  JS came and helped us out, aka was hilarious!

The Throw in was amazing and went really well! I thought it was a blast. 

On the work front I wrote my pre-service test and got 99% (only got one wrong! yay!) and then I spieled my menu to Kelly and Janice and voila! Food running !!! I haven't started yet but I will be hopefully next week! I'm super excited and can't wait to get into it! 

I also got made a trainer! So far I've only trained Tim on popcorn, but have 2 trainer shifts this next week on seating which I'm uber excited for! I always wanted to be a trainer, and I think it'll be awesome getting to help shape the experience for the new cast. Yup, I'm a bit of a dork, but I'm pumped!

We're about all caught up.  I had the day off yesterday with my friend Kyle and it was super fun. We had breakfast at Denny's where a balloon man made me a Captain Jack Sparrow! It was cool! Then it half popped in the car and freaked me out.  We then went to Hollywood Studios (Kyle had never been) and rode some rides and looked around.  We went on Star Tours and got to see an ending I'd never seen before, we went under the water and saw Jar Jar Binks! It was the best ending !!
After Hollywood Studios we went mini golfing at Fantasia Gardens! It was so cute! The whole course is themed to Fantasia and cool things happen when you get it in etc.  I got 3 holes in one and definitely won! Wahaha 
After some home time cleaning up and organizing we had dinner and watched a football game.  Then everyone finally got off work and we all hung out for a while before sleepy time!
Such a fun day!!!

Today I work at 4pm on popcorn, which definitely changed from the seater shift I definitely thought I had this whole time. But that's okay, at least I'm cash :D   .....just kidding! Kelly just called and I'm stocker!!!! Nooooo.....

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