Friday, August 1, 2008

Phone Interview!!!

So as you can tell from the title I just had my phone interview!!!! I had woken up early because I thought Kristin might call and was lying there waiting and she did!!! I had been working on what to say and praticing all the day before (and for a while before that!) and finally it was time. I think I did alright, I know i was smiling the whole time:) So she asked routine questions like my email address, age, if I had a passport, where I'd heard of the program and if I wanted to work in food & beverage, attractions or merchandise. I said food and beverage. Then she asked why I wanted to work for Disney, and to tell her something about Canada and then my hometown. I think i didn't answer the best on Canada as a whole but that my hometown answer was good. It's hard to tell someone about Canada as a whole in 3 seconds. the Conversation went super fast !!! and it wasn't as scary as I had thought. She asked if I had any questions and I asked how many people they were looking for and she said that it's actually just that you are competing with yourself nothte other people and that it's based on your own merit. If Disney likes everyone they will take everyone and then just put them in different programs ! So that was kind of cool, I just have to be me and no matter how many other super disney kids there are we could all make it:) Also I asked about the face to face location and time and she said that they were still deciding on which side of the country to have the interviews first, and i said that i would go to either because i go to school in ontario and she said that lots of people had been saying they were willing to fly (or take a mini-break as Kristin said). It's cool that there are other people as eager as me!! But here's the thing, she never really said that they wanted me to go to the face to faces. She said that they would be in touch in the next while about the next steps of the process and that when i move to ontario i should send her an email with my address in case they want to send me some post. Which sound super positive and good, but she never right out said it sooo....we'll just have to....wait! more. again. wheeeeeee

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Goodluck with everything!
Thanks so much for reading my blog! :D